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Evolution Bank
New Horizon Bank PLC


Engaging us as your investment and financial banking partner makes sense because we offer  one stop banking to our project clients and trust investors.

We offer Private Project and Investment Banking. We also offer Asset and Trust services.

Our Private Project banking consists of personalized financial services and products that we offer exclusively to the individual's who are the designated/named Project Principal and who are personally responsible for the execution and completion of the relevant "approved project". We also offer the same services to each Trust Account holder, provided that they hold the Trust funds in their own right, individually. The bank has a wide range of wealth management services, and all are provided under one roof. Services include investing and portfolio management as well as trust and asset management.

Our Private Project and investment Banking clients have online access to their accounts, so that they can transfer funds and monitor/administer their funds 24/7, globally. In addition we provide digital debit card services that can be used by our clients to transact funds on account, in multiple currencies, or withdraw cash anywhere the Mastercard® and VISA® card services are available.

Our Private Project and Investment Banking clients benefit from generous and attractive discounts and preferential pricing on financial products.

We preserve our clients confidentiality, and offer our valued clients privacy and individually tailored confidential proprietary solutions. 

We are an Investment  Bank that offers our Clients not just the standard commercial funding and standard banking solutions offered by other banks but high calibre carefully structured alternative Investments to enhance our Client's capital which we discuss and formulate with our Client in accordance with our Client's specific requirements.

Our Products And Services

  • Deposit and Current accounts.

  • Investment Planning Services – we draw up investment strategies to meet our Clients` goals and objectives.

  • Structured Trade Program Project Funding

  • Financial Instrument Funding

  • Acting as a platform for buyers and sellers to prove product/equipment funds on a secured bank to bank basis

  • Risk Management Solutions – helping our Clients protect against interest rate changes, liquidity risks and foreign exchange risks.

  • Property Investments – helping our Clients secure the property required for an infrastructure project.

  • Operating Lease/Loans to facilitate Project cash flow management.

  • Debit & Credit Cards with multi-currency capability.

Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to meet all your needs

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