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Evolution Bank
New Horizon Bank PLC


Asset Management

The New Horizon Bank PLC manages assets on behalf of its Trustees as well as for each Project Principal, and Project.


A brief description of the Asset Management services is provided below: 



High-net-worth individuals, government entities, corporations, and institutional investors have placed significant assets, in the form of cash and bullion, in Trust Accounts with the bank, for the sole purpose of maximizing the value of these assets over time.


One of the key upsides of managing these trust assets, is that the New Horizon Bank has the ability to leverage the funds invested in each structured trade program. This process not only provides a risk-free return to the Trust Account holder but it also higher degree of cashflow control over the proceeds generated from each monthly trade cycle. 



All of the proceeds, or funds generated from a structured trade program are transferred into Project Holding Accounts, managed by the New Horizon Bank PLC, for each project at the end of each trade cycle.

The bank is then responsible for the management of these assets over the lifetime of the each project. All payments from these Project Holding Accounts are managed and accounted for by the bank.

The Project Holding Account funds are also managed on a day to day basis, by the bank, in order to generate additional value in addition to the funds held on deposit.

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