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New Horizon Bank PLC


New Horizon Bank PLC focuses on the provision of finance, trading and asset management services to corporations, financial institutions and governments who wish to finance and raise capital for significant infrastructure and humanitarian projects.

In addition to the above services we handle all of the banking and financial requirements associated with every approved project. We have the capacity to provide the above wholesale banking services in the global market and at the same time we have the capability to act locally in each market, in order to service the specific needs of each project.


We are the perfect financial partner for entities that have the capability to undertake projects which have a clear and measurable outcome that benefit the citizens and communities impacted by the project. We guide the Project Principals through the complexities surrounding the capital raising/financing process and then the management of assets generated form the project funding. We offer our partners strategic planning and financial advice in order to manage project cashflow and achieve the desired project outcomes on time and on budget.


Structured Trade Programs

  •  Most of the funds required to undertake a specific project are raised by way of a "structured trade program" which is established and manged by the New Horizon Bank PLC. Structured Trade Programs usually involve the trading of financial instruments at fixed rates of return and are only offered to approved projects/partners that meet the necessary pre-requisites.

Leveraged Finance

  • In some cases a partner or a project may need additional financial assistance in order to commit to a structured trade program and where appropriate the New Horizon Bank PLC can offer these services under circumstances that will be specific to the requirements of each project. 


  • Some of our Project Partners have access to significant assets, but they lack the necessary funds to commit to a structured trade program. Where appropriate the bank can offer to monetize some of the Project Partner's assets in order to provide the initial funds required. 

Asset Management

  • We manage the assets generated from the structured trade programs so that the application of the funds for a specific project can be audited by the appropriate regulatory authority. We also manage assets on behalf of our Trust investors and where applicable we generate returns for these investors, whenever these assets are applied to leverage the quantum of funds that are made available to a specific "trade platform or program".

Relationships and Liaisons

  • By becoming a New Horizon Bank PLC Partner you benefit from all of the services provided by our wholesale bankers to acquire the funds that you need to meet your project objectives and outcomes.

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